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March 8, 2019

We thank you for choosing VyprVPN. Recently, China's firewall has adopted many complicated blocking methods. We encourage you to try connecting again, as we are currently in the process of debugging and constantly adjusting to improve your VyperVPN experience. We hope to continue to receive your support and trust. thank you very much for your patience. Please visit for continuous updates.

我们感谢您选择VyprVPN。最近中国的防火墙采取了很多复杂的封锁手段。 我们鼓励您再次尝试连接,因为我们目前处于流动调试中,不断调整以改善您的VyperVPN体验 请浏览。 我们希望能继续得到您的支持和信任。 感谢您的耐心等待。 请浏览 以获得持续的更新。