Golden Frog PayPal FAQs

Is PayPal an accepted form of payment for Golden Frog accounts?

Yes, we do accept PayPal payments for all Golden Frog accounts! You can select "PayPal" from the payment method drop down when setting up your billing information.

Are Golden Frog accounts using PayPal eligible for the 3 day trial?

In order to provide the best checkout experience, accounts that are setup through PayPal will receive the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in place of the 3 day trial.

During the first 30 days of the account, if you wish to cancel the account and receive the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for your PayPal purchase, for any reason, please contact us at

How can I add PayPal as my payment method?

Once you've chosen PayPal as your payment method in your billing information, you will be temporarily redirected to the PayPal site to set up the preapproved payment plan/billing agreement. Once the setup is complete through PayPal, you will be automatically redirected back to the Golden Frog site to complete setting up your account details. Do not close out from this window without returning to the Golden Frog site!

If you are creating a new account with PayPal as the payment method, and you do not successfully redirect back to the Golden Frog site after setting up PayPal- you may receive e-mails from PayPal confirming the preapproved payment plan, but if you do not receive e-mails from Golden Frog, then the account was not successfully created. You may need to attempt the sign-up process again.

What is a PayPal billing agreement or preapproved payment?

A preapproved payment is a plan configured for automatic payments through PayPal. All Golden Frog accounts are billed recurring automatically and utilize preapproved payment plans for PayPal payment methods.

How long does a PayPal billing agreement/preapproved payment last?

The subscription for your VyprVPN account is limited to one year and is then automatically renewed. The preapproved payment plan between you and Paypal is limited to two years and is automatically set to expire after a period of two years. If your preapproval key becomes expired after a period of one year, you will need to log in to your Golden Frog account and setup a new preapproved payment plan in your billing information.

My payment failed. Why do I need to create a new billing agreement/preapproved payment?

In order for an account to be unlocked from payment failure, a new preapproval key must be generated to remit the unpaid balance.

How can I view my PayPal preapproved payments?

After logging into your account at, click the Profile menu (gear icon in the top right), locate "Payment Settings" in the bottom right, and you will find your Golden Frog preapproved payment plan and/or other payment plans located there (the location of these menu items may vary for non-US PayPal sites, please contact PayPal support for assistance if needed).

More information is available on Paypal's help center.

Why do I need a secondary form of payment?

Preapproved payment plans through PayPal require a second form of payment attached to the account in the case that your PayPal funds balance is unable to cover the charge in full.

Please note that there are also varying regional and international laws with regards to direct debit and bank withdrawals that can affect PayPal preapproved payment plans. If you are having issues with a bank associated payment through PayPal, please try transferring funds to your PayPal balance, or try with a credit or debit card, and vice versa.

Are there any requirements for using preapproved payment plans through PayPal with Golden Frog?

In general, you will need to make sure:

  • Your PayPal account is "confirmed"
  • You have both a source of payment and a backup source of payment
  • Your account is allowed to remit payment in U.S. Dollars
  • Zip code of PayPal account matches Zip code of Golden Frog account

Which PayPal funds are used for the preapproved payments?

Generally, PayPal uses available PayPal balance funds as the primary payment before trying alternate forms of payment. You can adjust your preferences after logging into your PayPal account by selecting the Profile menu (gear icon in the top right), locate "Payment Settings" in the bottom right, and selecting "Edit" next to Payment Settings (the location of these menu items may vary for non-US PayPal sites, please contact PayPal support for assistance if needed).

What is the $250 max cycle limit associated with the billing agreement/preapproved payment?

The $250 (or other) limit that you see associated with the preapproved payment plan is to ensure that PayPal cannot charge an individual more than $250 in a month through our preapproval plans. It is not a number associated with any charge that you will see from Golden Frog.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!

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