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February 15, 2019
Where are we now with VyprVPN service in China?

The blocking technology and techniques applied by the Chinese Government have evolved and become much more complex than anything we have seen before. We validated that these methods are impacting other VPN providers in the area as well. Our conviction in Internet Freedom and commitment to fight against censorship remains strong, but to complete our mission successfully, we need to adjust our approach and look at new technology solutions for the Chinese market. We will keep you posted on progress as we regroup, rebuild and focus on our core mission keeping the Internet free and open. We will continue to keep you informed, please check back here for updates.

VyprVPN 目前在中国的的情况如何?
最近,我们收到了前所未见的封锁和干扰。我们也验证了这些干扰对其他VPN提供商在中国的服务同样造成了影响。 我们对互联网自由的信念和对抗审查的承诺仍然很强,但是为了完成我们的使命,我们需要调整方法,并为中国市场寻找新的解决方案。 在我们重建并专注于实现互联网的自由和开放期间,我们会随向您发布进度信息。